Diet Update: walking my way to weight loss

I’ve now been on my health regime for exactly 10 weeks and I’m inching towards the 2 stone mark in terms of weight loss. I’ve lost exactly 26 lbs so far, and several inches from my bust, waist, hips, thighs and arms and have dropped two dress sizes.

My regime is based on a self-devised eating plan, which consists of mostly fruits, vegetables and fish for main meals and nuts and dark chocolate for snacks – with a daily exercise routine, which is a combination of stretches, yoga and free weights.

For the last few weeks I have increased my exercise by leaving the car at home and walking to walk (40 minutes round trip) and to the local high street (one hour round trip) several times a week. I have walked when it’s been cold, windy, raining and even in the snow last week, listening to uplifting tunes on my headphones, and it is totally exhilarating!

I can see a marked difference – stubborn fat is starting to go, and I am feeling much stronger and fitter. I haven’t got around to starting my dance classes yet as I’m too swamped to fit it in my schedule. But this is why walking works well for me because I don’t have to deviate from my usual routine, just allow the extra time to walk instead of driving. This morning I was out walking at 8.00am before my day really starts, so this strategy works well.

I have been for a consultation with a personal trainer and will shortly be starting two sessions a week at the weekends, to focus more specifically on building muscle and toning up in all the right places.

I will be sharing more insights from my health regime at our first Health, Wellbeing and Happiness Event on 4th April at the University of East London – look out for a post on this next weekend!

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