Aug2012-03-175I am a Black woman in her prime mentally, spiritually and professionally and created this blog for women of colour who want to look and feel good while celebrating our unique cultural assets. We are often judged by European standards of beauty prompting many of us to straighten our hair, don weaves and constantly diet to conform to an idealised, thin body shape instead of celebrating our natural curves. We are dark brown, mid brown, light brown and olive-hued and we are ALL beautiful! So read this blog as a form of resistance! Guest posts welcome. Dr Deborah Gabriel.



Ever Been Told You Are Good-Looking for a 'Dark-Skinned' Woman?

Why does mainstream popular culture and some Black and Asian cultures often revere light skin while denigrating darker complexions?

Read my book, Layers of Blackness: Colourism in the African Diaspora and find the answers. Free to read online or to download the PDF. 





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