Have the years been good to you?

I came across an old school photo of myself the other day aged around five and was struck by how little my features have changed over the years.  I look just the same, minus the look of innocence and baby smooth skin that age robs us of!

When I used to bump into childhood friends who I hadn’t seen in decades they would tell me: “You look just the same.” I was actually disappointed as I didn’t want people to think I looked the same as the gawky child I perceived myself to be.

Now I know what they meant – it was easy to recognise me as my facial features remained virtually the same. Looking back at my childhood through the photo, the beaming smile says it all: I was very happy, very loved, confident and content.

The smile of the older me is identical, both in appearance and in terms of what it represents about my state of being. I am still very happy, still very loved, still confident and still content.  I guess the years have been kind to me and I am very grateful for that wonderful blessing.

A lifestyle change goes beyond diet and exercise: wellbeing is also about our mental and psychological health. Being happy and fulfilled is beneficial to our health as we are less likely to look to food or alcohol for short-term highs, less likely to binge eat and more likely to stay at a healthy weight.

Lifestyle Challenge is one year old on Saturday! I will be posting an update on how I have fared in terms of staying fit and healthy and what it has been like on my natural hair journey.  


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