Diet Update: within six pounds of target

There’s just two and a half weeks to go to my birthday and our Health, Wellbeing & Happiness event on 4th April. My weight today is 11st 12 ¾ lbs and I have 5 and ¾ lbs more to lose to reach my target, having now lost 2 stone 1 and ¼ lbs!

I’ve been doing 4 hours and 20 minutes of exercise every week, consisting of 2 hours and 20 minutes walking and 2 hours of personal training sessions which combine weight training with boxercise.

I’ve never felt in better health in my adult life and it is the first time in years that I am not on any medication, having addressed my hypertension. I should add that I have been monitoring my weight and blood pressure since 2011, and my GP agreed it was okay for me to stop taking blood pressure tablets, as long as I continued to take readings and as long as they remained normal, which they have.

Overall, I have stuck to my staple diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish with nuts and dark chocolate for snacks, although there have been the occasional binge days, mostly when I am away from home.

For example, last month while away at the University of Kent and dining with colleagues I managed to polish off fish and chips, chicken wings, vanilla cheesecake and several glasses of red wine in one evening and the following morning managed to consume half of a full English breakfast…

However, when I do over-indulge I’ll make up for it by eating less (I switch to my porridge and Slimfast diet for two days – two bowls of porridge and two Slimfast shakes) and extend my Saturday morning walk to one hour 20 minutes.

I’ll be talking more about my experiences of gaining and losing weight, what has worked short and long term, along with a photo-diary of the highs and lows…

We’re delighted that our event is being supported by Shades of Noir, one of our partners, and will be filmed by Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark and Jessica Anoche. We are also excited to be welcoming Black British Academics US Patron Virginia Cumberbatch, from the University of Texas who is Co-Founder of Rosa Rebellion and the REBEL REST project.

Tickets are expectedly going fast for this amazing event, which is also a partnership with Black British Academics’ Black Sister Network and features Dr Marcia Wilson, Dr Jenny Douglas and Dr Elizabeth Opara from the Ivory Tower project.

More details on the Health, Wellbeing & Happiness Event

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