Vibrant dresses for a cheery autumn

Kids are back in school, students are back at university and the autumn season has officially arrived. But instead of descending into black and brown clothes like I did last year, I will be continuing my new found love of colour, and will be wearing vibrant hues this season.

I recently purchased three new dresses that coordinate well with brown accessories (which I recently discovered go with just about anything)! I’m not following any fashion look or trends, this is a look I have created for myself.

Bright Blue Balanced With Brown

I finally discovered a few months ago what shape, style, cut and colours suit my complexion, body shape and height and I’m having fun re-stocking my wardrobe with new clothes! I am reasonably tall, 5ft 6in and have broad shoulders, a larger than average bust (which I do not like to put on show) and a typically rounded African bottom.

I like my clothes to ‘hang’ on me as opposed to a tight fit. So I usually buy a size larger than I am, since clothing manufacturers do not make clothes with anything other than the European body in mind and most size 14 skirts fit me nicely around the waist but are tight around the bottom, leaving me with an unflattering behind. So I wear 16’s unless items are more generously cut.

Radiant Red Toned With Brown

Pencil skirts just above the knee with loose fitting tops look good on me, as do A-line, straight cut dresses just above the knee. But I have problems with close-fitting shift dresses due to my athletic build. I can buy these dresses but if I put on a couple of pounds then both my stomach and behind protrude, which I hate.

The beauty of the ‘floaty’ style dresses is that they hang beautifully and if I happen to put on a couple of pounds then it is completely unnoticeable! Sometimes when I am clothes shopping I do get tempted by various styles of clothing but remind myself of my shape and instead of admiring a dress hanging on a stick thin model I visualise it on myself. That usually prevents any impulse buying!

What Not To Wear!

At the other end of the spectrum of wearing clothes a size larger, I am convinced that many women wear their clothes a couple of sizes too small as I have seen large bodies squeezed into small clothes and it does not look good! I always do the sideways test when buying clothes – if my stomach and bottom look flat and the fabric hangs smoothly without any lumps and bumps then it’s a good fit!


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