Can garlic really stop hair shedding?

That was the question I asked myself after deciding to step up my growth mission a few weeks ago, and also whether garlic could add a bit more density to my rather fine hair. So I decided to research the topic before experimenting with a concoction of my own and found some very useful resources.

There are quite a few videos on YouTube that feature either step-by-step tutorials on how to use garlic as a conditioning treatment or that simply mention garlic in passing as an effective aid to reduce shedding. I watched a few and the consensus among those that had used garlic for their hair was that it really works.

The most informative article I found online is by the Fitow Garlic Company based in China, a leading exporter of Chinese garlic. In addition to their article entitled: The secret of using garlic for hair growth, there are many other useful articles about other health benefits of using garlic such as a natural antibiotic and to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Armed with this new knowledge I embarked on my own trial a couple of weeks ago, using garlic granules purchased in the supermarket mixed with castor oil. I used it as a pre-poo treatment by applying the mixture directly to my scalp, massaging the scalp and then wrapping my hair in cling film and keeping it on overnight.

I have applied the garlic pre-poo treatment four times, washing my hair twice weekly for the last two weeks, and the results have been pretty impressive. My scalp looks healthy, my hair feels thicker and stronger and definitely has greater elasticity. But most of all, there has definitely been quite a significant reduction in the amount of shedding.

I should add that I changed my hair regimen at the same time, so the improvement could also be attributed to the fact that I have stopped using a comb except to part my hair and use my fingers instead. I have also deep-conditioned my hair with coconut oil on each occasion I used the garlic pre-poo. In doing the ‘experiment’ I also increased the frequency of washing my hair from once to twice a week.

It’s reasonable to surmise from the results that given the known health benefits of garlic to the hair, it is likely that my pre-poo treatment was responsible for the reduction in shedding; and that in combination with increased frequency of washing and deep conditioning helped to preserve moisture, leaving the hair supple, soft and glossy.

I will certainly be continuing with the garlic pre-poo treatments on a fortnightly basis and will switch back to weekly washing, but will deep condition each and every week.

Have you used garlic in your hair? What results did you have? I’d love to hear from you.

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