Wardrobe gets a dash of colour

I feel more energised, driven and motivated than I did twenty years ago. I have often been told by people both in a professional and personal capacity, that I have bounds of energy.

That is not a reference to physical energy (although I certainly believe that exercising daily does keep me energised). It is I feel a reference to the spiritual energy that drives me, that creates excitement and passion for the things that are most important to me, which I am always pursuing – that is the energy they refer to.

However, a month ago when I turned 48 and was stricken with a chest infection and confined to my bedroom, I decided to inspect my wardrobe. I haven’t bought new clothes for ages – fashion has been off the radar for a while since I have been spending all of my time working on my PhD thesis.

I considered an upcoming trip to Paris in July where I will be presenting an overview of my PhD research project at a conference, and looked through my wardrobe trying to find a bright, stylish outfit for a summer event. Paris is famed for being a cosmopolitan city full of chic women who epitomise style.

However, browsing through my wardrobe gave me a rude awakening. Practically everything in it was black! It seemed that without really being conscious of it, over the years I had bought most things in black thinking that it’s a colour that goes with anything – but neglected to buy anything colourful!

Okay, I do own some coloured tops and yes jeans are blue – but almost everything else is black or grey. So I had to be brutal and undertake a culling of my wardrobe in order to let more colour in! Some of the items were real favourites, like a black shift dress that shows off my figure in all the right places. But sometimes what seems like cruelty is an act of kindness.

Thanks to EBay I was able to make a small fortune for my clothes, some of which had actually not even been worn and still had their brand labels on. I used the money to start a new wardrobe with clothes that are not only colourful, but which also reflect my inner youthfulness and energy.

I even took the time beforehand to reflect on my shape and think about what style and cut of clothes most enhance my figure. I am large busted, though I do not like to wear low cut tops. That hasn’t changed, but I realised that some clothes are better at helping the bust line look less bulky for a smoother fit of clothes.

I am 5ft 6in tall – a reasonable height, but have often steered clear of dresses and skirts that sit above the knee since I don’t have stick for legs. My legs are athletically shaped with plenty of muscle. 

But I have learned to love my shapely legs and discovered that high heels, which I never wore as I thought I could never walk in them – enhance my legs and make them look longer. I also discovered that high heels and platform shoes also come in wide fittings that are extremely comfortable to wear.

So my wardrobe now has more than a dash of colour in it and when I tried on some of my new outfits at home complete with accessories I was amazed at the results. When I looked in the mirror a younger-looking, more fashionable and stylish woman with a cheeky grin looked back at me and winked!



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