New hair photos and update

It has been a long two months since my last blog post back in December and even longer since I posted an update on my hair journey. I have been immersed in my doctoral thesis and have had no time for leisure pursuits, including blogging.

I have continued to texlax my hair, stretching it for four months until the end of January and I am still happy with my decision not to maintain my hair in a totally natural state. It continues to be manageable and easy to style and I am retaining length, despite cutting about an inch and a half off the ends.

I am continuing to take my special supplement mix consisting of: MSM, biotin, flaxseed oil, omega 3, pantothenic acid and multi-vitamins. I have added evening primrose oil and high strength vitamin C for other health reasons and my hair is very healthy and strong.

Feature Image 230213

I still harbour a secret desire to grow my hair to bra strap length, but I think about this a lot less and direct all of my efforts towards simply having a healthy head of hair. One of the biggest changes I have noticed since I texlaxed my hair is that I wear it out a lot more, even if it is just swept up in a bun, as opposed to always wearing hats.

I continue to moisturise my hair on a daily basis using Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 miracle worker, and this really seems to help strengthen the hair. Since moisturising daily my hair is less brittle and sheds a lot less. That could also be due to the hair supplements, especially the MSM.

Lastly I am still drinking two litres of water a day; though it is fair to say that this is to maintain a healthy body and digestive system, and not just for the benefit to my hair, which of course is helping to maintain its elasticity, which prevents breakage.

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