New York Sisters Trip [3]

The highlight of our day was a delicious pizza meal at Grimaldi’s on 6th Avenue…

We started the day with a long planning and booking session, where we scheduled and booked our excursions for the next few days. I brought my laptop down to Rosie and Jen’s room, and while I did all the hard work, the two of them, excited at the prospect of our upcoming trips to the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty broke out into a very impressive socca-style dance.

Once we had scheduled nine attractions over the next three days, we took an Uber to Grimaldi’s on 6th Avenue, where we had the most delicious pizzas, salads, non-alcoholic drinks and desserts. We sat outside where we people-watched while we dined in the warm sunshine. The food was delicious and the service excellent.

We then returned to our hotel for a quick change before doing a 2-hour hop-on-hop-off Big Bus Tour of Downtown New York – only we didn’t hop off. We sat at the front of the bus taking in the sights and cringing at the poor commentary….

My sister Jennifer wanted to go to a salsa class that was supposed to be taking place at 520 8th Avenue…but after walking for what seemed liked 30 minutes, we arrived at the venue to find there were no classes….so got an Uber back to the hotel…

Tomorrow we’re planning to do the Empire State Building, Statute of Liberty and Botanical Gardens so need to get up early….so a shower and early night was in order!

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