Executive bags for the style conscious

More people than ever before are working on the go and as a consequence, handbags are increasingly having to function as portable offices and are getting larger to accommodate laptops, document folders, books and files as well as the usual handbag contents.

A quality leather work bag can cost hundreds of pounds but leather is a good long-term investment as it should last a lifetime and a large enough bag can have multiple uses aside from work, such as an overnight bag.

I found recently found myself struggling with an over-full handbag that I was carrying in one hand, packed with gadgets like my PowerPoint presenter and portable hard disk, in addition to the usual paraphernalia such as cosmetics, hairbrush, glasses etc. whilst in the other hand juggling a netbook and A4 conference folder.

So I decided to invest in one of the new larger executive handbags. I’m so glad I did as I can fit everything in there – my netbook, leather conference folder, book, android phone and mobile, and much more besides.

It can be carried on the shoulder on used as a grab bag and it has leather ties to the sides which can extend its width beyond the already generous 18 inches – it is 12 inches high and 5 inches deep and has metal studs at the bottom to prevent scuffing.

I love it as it is more versatile than a briefcase and its curvey shape is very feminine and teams nicely with smart casual work attire. 

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