Electric blue dress adds sparkle to TV interview

When I wrote about my wardrobe overhaul last week, I never imagined how timely it would prove to be. So when I was invited to take part in a studio discussion on BBC Breakfast, I got the chance to try out one of my new dresses!

It was very fortunate that I had already been thinking out accessories for my new outfits as I had less than 24 hours to decide what to wear and sort my hair out. The interview was only discussed on Monday afternoon and confirmed later on Monday evening.

I chose the electric blue dress as I felt the colour is a perfect complement to my dark brown complexion which would look even brighter under studio lighting. The front pleats in the tunic-style shift dress lend an air of formality, and I accessorised it with a long, brown beaded necklace.

The challenge was what to do with my hair, which on Monday evening was in twists, since it was washed the day before. I did not have a brown hat to coordinate with my outfit and since my hair was too bushy to tie back neatly I decided to straighten it with an electric hot comb and flat straightening tongs.

I protected my hair first by spraying it with GD Protector and olive oil, before using the hot comb, then the tongs. I rubbed a little Olive Oil Ecostyler Gel on the ends before adding 16 bendy rollers. I jumped in a taxi at 6.15 am with the rollers still in my hair and took them out one hour later at the BBC.

I was going to have my hair out, but decided that for a more formal discussion it would be more appropriate to tie it back. But it seemed a shame to waste the wonderful curls, so I allowed one to fall in front of my face and allowed some curls to show at the back.

The dress falls just above the knee and I wore chocolate brown tights and brown court shoes. Overall it was a very comfortable outfit to wear. Having looked at the clip and looking at the still shots, it’s certainly true that television adds a few pounds to your appearance! 


The interview on BBC Breakfast

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