Meeting trendsetter Blaque Pearl

How many times have you seen beautiful photos of women online looking fashionable and well-groomed, only to be disappointed if you happen to meet them in person?

Well I am happy to say that last week I met up with Rebecca-Monique, author of the Blaque Pearl blog and she looked every bit the fashion trendsetter!

I don’t recall what I was wearing, maybe a cream frilly blouse with jeans or something like that, but although casually dressed, I couldn’t help but notice now chic and immaculate Rebecca looked, dressed in a casual outfit.

She has a very petite figure which lends itself well to slim-fitting jeans, and teamed them with a white fitted t-shirt, blue denim-coloured shrug, and denim-blue coloured, knitted snood.

Her natural, afro textured hair looked very sophisticated in a swept up style and her make-up was subtle and natural looking, enhancing her baby-smooth, flawless skin underneath.

What was nice about meeting Rebecca was the fact that her external beauty was enhanced by her inner beauty. She smiled the whole time throughout our encounter, sometimes letting out a cute giggle, which took me back a few years to playful youthfulness.

What I learnt from the trendsetting Rebecca, was that sometimes you can dress down to dress up, and that whether you are going out for dinner or popping to the shops or the library, you can still look très chic!

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