Walking in Austin, Texas

This week I’m in Austin, Texas, being hosted by Virginia Cumberbatch, a Patron of my network Black British Academics.

I arrived yesterday evening from New York, where I spent a glorious week with two of my sisters. In New York the weather averaged 25 degrees Celsius. Here in Austin, Texas it is currently 32 degrees Celsius!Virginia and I started the day with a one-hour walk on the three-mile walking trail at Ladybird Lake . We left at 9.00am to avoid the brutal mid-day sun. There were lots of people out walking, running and cycling.

There were spectacular views of the lake, where people were out canoeing and paddle-boating and an area home to turtles and swans. After our walk we headed to a Taco bar, since Taco breakfasts are kind of the thing here – so I tried one made of sausage and re-fried beans, which was very tasty!



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