New Year natural hair update – healthy diet stimulates growth

My hair now (top) and weaved hair (bottom) – Jan 2019

My chopped hair and starter locs in Oct 2015

It’s been three years since my last hair update after I chopped all of my hair off to try to grow dreadlocks! Because my hair was so soft, the process failed miserably so I resorted to weaving my hair until I could figure out what to do with it!

I knew from my visits to the hairdresser that my hair was growing back steadily. However, since I changed my diet two years ago and began drinking carrot juice almost daily and eating lots of leafy vegetables -it has been growing faster and thicker. As the above photos show, my hair is not much shorter than the weaved hair I’m wearing, which is 16 inches at the back.

I’m seriously contemplating going natural this year, probably in the autumn as I have a busy schedule planned for 2019 – and if I commit to going natural I’m only too aware from previous experience that adequate time must be devoted to properly care for my afro textured hair.

I love my natural hair, the texture, feel and uniqueness of it. Whenever I’m getting my weave re-done I run my fingers through it and I’m sad when it’s cornrowed and tucked away.  But the lure of my current 2-minute spray and go routine with the curly weave, given my heavy work schedule makes it the preferred option, for now…

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