Caribbean Cruise 2018 Day 2

Wow what a long day! After a hearty breakfast we were delayed at the airport for an hour, due to a ‘technical fault’ with the plane. However, once on board Airbus 330, Rosiepoos and I had a pleasant flight seated together, while Jennifer and close friend Veronia, sat on the other side of the row in extra legroom seats.

The excitement began when we were nearing Bridgetown and could see the shoreline and cruise liner from the plane! On arrival at the port after a 30-minute drive, we were all impressed with how well organised and speedy the customs process was.

We were given an ID card which is used everywhere on board the Britannia – in the spa, salons, restaurants and shops like a credit card, which is settled on the day of departure. We then boarded the ship and enjoyed complimentary champagne on arrival into the vast reception area.

We were exhausted by the time we got to our cabins as by then we had been up for 14 hours on UK time. But we had to observe international law by attending an emergency briefing by the captain and practice using the life jackets which are in our cabins.

After that we headed to one of the restaurants for a glass of Prosecco, indulging ourselves with the several courses on offer before heading back to our cabins for a well-earned sleep. We would be unaware the ship was even moving had the captain not announced it, except that my phone registers when we hit different cell towers and enter a new roaming zone. “Welcome to St Vincent and the Grenadines”, my phone message read!

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