Tone-Up Exercises

This is a quick 10-minute exercise routine designed to tone up flabby areas. Research has shown that people on low calorie diets who do resistance training retain more lean muscle and have a higher metabolic resting rate.

Bicep Curl

Bicep curls are extremely good for toning flabby arms. I use two 1kg dumbbells like the ones in the photos which are cheap to purchase. Start the exercise with your feet slightly apart holding the dumbbells with your arms down.  Raise both arms slowly until they are bent,  then lower.Do 20 of these.

Tricep Curl

This exercise is great for toning the back of the arms. Begin the exercise with the front leg bent and the back leg extended with your body leaning forward. You only use one dumbbell for this and start with the arm bent. Extend the arm out behind you, then bring it back towards your chest. Do 20 of these.

Lying Down Overarm Curls

Do you suffer from bra bulge? Then this is the exercise for you! Lay down with your knees bent holding a pair of dumbbells. Start the exercise with your arms raised. Lower one arm and raise back, then lower the other arm and raise back. Do 40 of these.

Thigh Squeeze

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