I wore twists to the party!

I just returned on Monday evening from five days in London where I met up with friends and family and also attended a birthday bash at my brothers. I have only been ‘out’ as a natural for about a month and most of the time I have been wearing my hair in simple twists and have only ventured out under the safety of a hat, until now…

I wore a hat on Thursday evening when I met a friend for a meal at Nando’s, which was fine as I only arrived in London that afternoon and was too tired to mess with my hair. But I did stretch out one of my twists to show my friend that my hair is growing nicely and looking healthy!

On the Friday my best friend had been kind enough to book a table at a very smart restaurant in the City for lunch, and I thought I should make an effort, so I wore a puff for the first time ever. I just about managed to get away with a hairband as I couldn’t get the long stretchy bands to work, but it did okay and my friend – who is also natural and was wearing twists, said it looked nice!

Fast forward to Saturday – the big day – my brother’s 50th birthday do. The night before I carefully twisted my hair following a tutorial by Naptural85 and was looking forward to tight, defined curls for the Saturday – but things didn’t go according to plan!

When I undid the twists and tried to tease my hair out gently I just ended up with a slightly frizzy afro shape that I wasn’t at all happy with. I couldn’t do anything with it – so I sprayed my hair with my home made moisture mix (distilled water, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerine and olive oil) and did my hair in small twists.

Even the flower I bought to wear in my hair was too large, so it was just the twists plain and simple, but I felt more comfortable with it than the frizzy twist out! In any event everyone said it looked good and I was happy to finally have my hair natural without hiding it under a hat!

The next day when I went to visit my aunt and uncle who are in their seventies I wore my hat, but it was so hot that I took it off. My aunt (who is grey and natural) said it looked lovely and that I should wear it out.

“If my hair was long enough I’d wear it like that,” she told me.

I was chuffed – and I’ve not worn my hat since! Admittedly I really need to practice the art of styling my hair and experiment with styles that will work on my very fine hair – but as long as I’ve got the hair care regimen sorted out, which I have, I’m happy to take my time and ease into more adventurous styles when my hair gets longer!


2 thoughts on “I wore twists to the party!

  • August 4, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    This is a beautiful article. You will get better at styling – if I did anyone can!

    • August 4, 2011 at 9:14 pm

      Thanks for the encouragement!


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