Caribbean Cruise 2018 Day 8

After a fantastic week on the P&O Caribbean Cruise, my expectations for the remainder of our holiday were high, and I wondered whether P&O would live up to them, or whether the trip would end in disappointment…

Day 7 of the cruise in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was undoubtedly the highlight of the trip thus far – the day could not have been any better. Our party of 12 were eagerly awaiting the stop in St Lucia on Day 8, as my sister Jennifer, a regular visitor to the island had pre-booked a tour with ZDs Transfers and Tours  (pictured below).

After two days of full activities, a good night’s sleep was in order. However, loud music blaring out, apparently from a private party, kept me – and several others awake until after 2.30am. A member of our party in the next cabin called twice to complain and eventually strode to reception in her nightdress to plead for an end to the disturbance!

It is still unclear who organised/approved the party – it clearly made use of professional equipment for the sound to travel. What annoyed me further was that because I was not able to get to sleep until after 2.30am, I was so tired the next day in St Lucia that I did not have the energy to participate in the nature trail which provided breathtaking views of The Pitons – volcanic spires which are a World Heritage Site.

St Lucia is full of steep, winding roads and it takes a long time to travel a relatively short distance. We stayed mainly within Soufriere in the western part of the island, stopping at the Piton Falls, Sulphur Springs and Botanical Gardens. We arrived back on the ship not long after 5pm and after dinner in the Sindhu restaurant, I retired to my cabin to try to catch up on my lost sleep from the previous night.

It would have been beneficial to have a day at sea between Saint Vincent and St Lucia to recuperate.

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